BrownBag Popcorn and California Christmas Cheer


As the holidays, sadly, dwindle down, we grasp tightly to the magic and warmth of the season. We look back on that joyous feeling that filled our hearts and crowded homes. We reminisce on moments shared with loved ones and create traditions so that we can relive the magic all over again.

california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-01   california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-04 california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-05 california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-06  california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-08 california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-09 california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-11

Setting out to create our own memories, Gathered headed out to California and spent a day amongst the beauty of a Christmas tree farm. In the midst of winter’s chill and a hazy sky, we melted over a bag of  BrownBag Popcorn Company’s Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel. (Site note: we also love their Sriracha Lime Cheddar Popcorn) Local to South Florida, BrownBag Popcorn Co. supplied us with a taste of home while in search of the perfect spruce on the opposite coast.  Their list of gourmet flavors are truly worthy of their own holiday tradition and we have definitely found ours! Perhaps, the season’s magic lies in reliving a wondrous trip with every mouthwatering bite we have from now on.


california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-14  california-brown-bag-popcorn-christmas-trees-gathered-melanie-gabrielle-photography-17

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