romantic sugared rose petals, perfect for valentine’s day.

sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-01Whether I’ve been flying solo or in the arms of a sweetie, Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. My parents may be at fault with what still is their traditional Valentine card to me. Words of love and encouragement along with the frilliness that is February 14th, swept this girl off her feet.  I can’t help but feel cheery while being surrounded with words of love and all the delicateness that is this day. Roses, lace, and hearts… Oh My!  Many don’t like this “Hallmark” holiday but I love seeing others making a special day out of what would be an ordinary one. To help you with just that we are bringing you this soft and minimalistic dessert. Make every aspect of this day just as sensual as chocolate, buttercream, and sugared rose petals.

sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-02 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-03 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-04 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-05 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-06 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-07 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-08 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-09 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-11 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-12Ingredients:
Egg Whites
Small Paintbrush
Granulated Sugar

Remove the petals from the roses and place them aside. Take each petal delicately in your hand. Utilizing a small paintbrush, brush a small amount of egg whites (preferably pasteurized) on one side of the petal. Lightly sprinkle granulated white sugar over the petal until it is evenly covered, then turn the petal over and repeat the process on the other side. Place finished petals on wax paper and let dry over night. The petals will be ready for use the following day. Use to delicately dress up your cakes and cupcakes.

Note: we recommend finding organic, pesticide-free flowers to insure they are free of any harmful chemicals.

sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-13 sugared-rose-petals-diy-recipe-moody-romantic-valentines-day-foodie-food-photography-gathered-blog-melanie-gabrielle-photography-14credits:
photography: melanie gabrielle
beautiful ivory silk ribbon: silk and willow
wooden cake stand: anthropologie
chocolate cake with vanilla-pistachio filling: earth and sugar

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