his and hers lavender cocktail recipes.

It’s New Year’s Day, and we’re not quite ready to put up the champagne! We are toasting to new adventures and invite you to celebrate along with us by bringing you these “his and hers” lavender cocktails for you to ring in the New Year. lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-001 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-002Ladies, you are first up with a delicious and sophisticated, easy-to-make “Lavender Infused Champagne.”

fresh lavender
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of water
Desired bubbly (champagne)

In a medium saucepan bring equal parts water and sugar to a simmer. Place clippings of fresh lavender in the pan (about 5 stems). Let mixture steep for 30 minutes to create your lavender simple syrup.

Let syrup cool and strain. Once the syrup has been cooled and strained, pour the syrup into a pitcher. Pour 1 teaspoon of lavender syrup into your champagne glasses and top off with chilled champagne.

Use a sprig of lavender or dried lavender buds for garnish.
lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-003 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-004 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-005 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-006 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-007 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-008 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-009 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-010 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-011 Gents! For you, we have a classic with a twist! In keeping with a cohesive pairing, we are bringing you a Lemon Lavender Gin and Tonic.

tonic water
juice of ½ a lemon
fresh lavender leaves

Note: With a passion in using locally sourced products and supporting fellow artisans, we used St. Augustine Distillery’s Gin. This small batch distilled gin is made using only the best from local farmers. On every beautifully designed label, you will find the image of the farmer who provided the products to create your spirit. If you want to support an amazing group of people you can find their products at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits or visit them in St. Augustine at what is an old- restored ice plant. Join them for a free tour and grab two bottles of your poison at the gift shop.

In a tall glass place 2 ounces of gin, juice of ½ a lemon, and fresh lavender leaves. Muddle together the ingredients. Strain the mixture to remove the lavender leaves, if desired. Top off with ice and tonic water.
lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-012 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-013 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-014 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-015 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-016 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-017 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-018 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-019 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-020 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-021 lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-022 Now that you have a drink in hand, let us raise our glasses and toast to new beginnings and wonderful new memories!

Cheers to you and yours from Gathered!lavender-champagne-gin-and-tonic-recipe-gathered-recipe-melanie-gabrielle-photography-023

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